Joe Deihl

Photographed by Howard Barash

With years of experience in all kinds of media, Joe Deihl is one of the best in the business.  A re-recording (post production) mixer, sound designer, audio engineer, and foley artist, he also scores music to picture.  Joe is constantly working to be at the top of his game.  Always keeping up with the ever-changing new technology, such as the noise reducing and audio repair software from Izotope, he is as sharp as a student with the edge of many years of skill and practical knowledge under his belt.  His “long standing friend” creativity, as he likes to call it, drives him to take initiative and use the latest innovations to fashion incredible work.

Joe Deihl is mostly known in New York as an innovative audio engineer and sound designer who introduces something special into the mix. He’s creative, and in many ways, ingenious in the way he can shape dialog and backgrounds and achieve a clarity and smoothness that seems as if it had surely always been that way; In reality it was “frankensteined” together from several sources.

A child prodigy on the piano, Joe’s musicianship always pays off. Music after all, is a very important element within the mix. As a music editor, he ensures that it’s flow is seamless. His background as a score-to-picture composer for film, television, and radio gives him the edge.

Sound design has always been of interest to Joe; ever since he literally “dismantled” sound from the motion picture: Star Wars. Once he revealed each element and how Ben Burtt (Skywalker Sound) put together his fx sequences, Joe became aware of a totally new perspective. As Joe put it, “it was an epiphany!” Ever since, Joe has designed sound with a dimension to the soundscape of the entire production. This impact is why producers and directors call on him.


Photographed by Howard Barash

Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Snoop Dawg, Dolly Parton, Rihanna, Sean Combs, Joss Stone, Chris Rock, Mary Jo Blige, and many more all have something in common: Joe Deihl. Truth. Joe is often called upon to make the audio package for video shoots when the recording artist has a new song and they are preparing to shoot it’s video. What he does is basically produce the re-recording of the music track along with timecode. That timecode is the electronic clock that actually “drives” all of the audio/video/film gear used during the filming process. His time code accurately syncs these devices at normal speeds, as well as faster or slower speeds. The success of the entire shoot depends on the precision of his work. Joe even got a credit from the Beastie Boys on their comeback, breakout hit: Check, Check, Check, Check, Check it Out!

“I want to create something that resonates with an audience and enhances the project before me.  I’ve found the best way I can do this is through working with sound.”

Narration and dialog editing, sound design, foley, ADR, music recording and editing, scoring music to picture, 5.1 Dolby audio engineering, as well as audio restoration, are all integral parts of the whole of what Joe Deihl does.

Bottom line, with Joe Deihl, you’re getting one of the best of the best to work with on your project; he’s earned a great reputation and you can get him and his studio at a reasonable price.  You get what you pay for.

In his spare time, Joe enjoys working on original compositions with his pal, Lulu.